MEDiBrace Knee Support

MEDiBrace Knee Support

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New to the MEDiBrace line for 2017 is our premium, medical grade knee support that is packed with features to help you feel comfortable and provide superior support. Full product details below.

Please note that the GREEN MEDiBrace Knee Support will be available from 17th May, 2017.

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Product Description

If you experience knee pain or want to help prevent injury to your knee, you will be delighted to learn that ProfessorZ's newest product is a premium knee support with just about every feature you could possibly wish such a device to have. It's medical grade because it's been developed by doctors and scientists and has been rigorously tested. Our new MEDiBrace Knee Support is designed to provide beneficial pain relief for a range of knee problems. We've designed it to be a lightweight, superior brace that won't slip down or move away from the important area it is protecting.

The MEDiBrace Knee Support works by stabilising the meniscus and lateral collateral ligament to aid in the recovery of an injury to that area. It protects the cruciate ligament, helping to relieve the pain of knee strain.

Perhaps that is not too helpful a description for most people, but essentially - There are two special 'spring' devices on both sides of the support brace (and an EVA pad disc at the centre that surrounds your knee cap). The four springs allow measured mobility within a prescribed range whilst the EVA pad acts as a stabiliser that helps to reinforce the patella, your knee cap, in the proper position.  

The MEDiBrace Knee Support is able to help prevent the knee from becoming injured due to poor running or exercise; Whether at the gym, or playing golf, taking fitness classes or many other sports activities where you are bending, twisting or running on your legs. It works whilst you are working out allowing you to enjoy your active lifestyle.

Made of ultra-light Neoprene material.

Unlike other products on the market, the MEDiBrace Knee Support is comfortable and lightweight. Nor is it particularly restrictive. The Neoprene material is ultra-light without compromising on support. The double elasticated Velcro straps provide adjustable comfort and support.

There are included instructions with the product to help with fitting and securing the MEDiBrace around your knee. After the three Velcro bands are secure, you can dial in the strength of the support. The brace comes with a colour instruction leaflet on how to perform this simple procedure.


Do you run or cycle after dark?

There are few if any knee braces on the market that support the safety of roadside runners or cyclists. One unique feature of the MEDiBrace is that the lining is made of special, hi-vis material commonly seen on hi-vis jackets. Because your knee is always moving as you train, it is especially noticable to on-coming vehicles. It will aid in your safety if you like to train after dark.


What's your size?

A lot of brands produce a 'one-size-fits-all' knee brace. We can assure you that no medical grade device can ever be a one-size-fits-all. The circumference of the human leg can be such a vast range, that no device can possibly accommodate this range and be ultra-effective. Believe us, we have already tried this one-for-all approach.

We know it will be a nuisanccorrect-size-chart3e for you to measure your leg, but in doing so you will be purchasing a brace that is better designed with your size of leg in mind. The 'standard' size is our blue MEDiBrace. If you measure the circumference your leg at 2" (inches) above your knee cap and find it is under 18", then the blue MEDiBrace is for you.

If you border on the 18" or greater circumference, then we suggest you purchase our green MEDiBrace. We've tried to make the process as simple as possible.

Medical grade device.

The MEDiBrace has been scientifically and medically proven to help provide beneficial pain relief for a range of knee problems through its unique design. Developed in laboratories, the MEDiBrace has undergone rigorous testing and controls under strict conditions.


Additional Information

Weight 222 g
Dimensions 35 x 21 x 7 cm

STANDARD (under 18″ circumference around knee), LARGE (18″ and above circumference around knee)


Spring GREEN, Persian BLUE


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