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MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V1 Far-Infrared Heated Back Support Brace


(Note: This listing is for the MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V1 which is now superseded by our newest V2 of this model from December 2023 that you can find here). – MEDiBrace is a lower lumbar back support belt that offers pain relief from sciatica, general backache, slipped disc and hernias. The RAY-D8 combines support from double-elasticated straps of our traditional best-selling MEDiBrace back support with far-infrared radiation to drive heat deep into the muscle tissue of the lower back via a detachable, USB-powered graphene pad.

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To choose the right size for you: Identical sizes to our original MEDiBrace. Our sizes are accurate, but you need to measure around your waist*. If in doubt, or bordering on a size, it’s better to select the larger of the two sizes. (*Please note: Your ‘waist’ is not your hips, the measuring tape should pass around just under your belly-button)


Our popular MEDiBrace back support system has evolved to incorporate new technology in the form of far infrared radiation. Introducing the MEDiBrace RAY-D8. It includes a graphene heated pad which can swiftly be removed or re-sited to the user’s best position. The surface temperature of the heating pad is 50℃ when used directly. But when used inside the waistband, the temperature felt by the body will reach 60℃. The physical experience at this temperature is comfortable and beneficial. There are three heating settings and the device will auto-shut off after approximately one hour of use. A USB plug adaptor is included, but if you would like to remain mobile with the device, you can plug it into any pocket-sized USB power bank.

  • LOWER BACK PAIN RELIEF】 The MEDiBrace RAY-D8 has four plastic rods that firmly supports the lower lumbar region of the body helping to prevent you from adopting a POSTURE which further aggravates the nerve receptors that induce pain. No pressure on the sensitive areas means active pain relief for you. Perfect for post-surgical procedures, sciatica, herniated discs, scoliosis & spinal stenosis.
  • ADJUSTABLE COMFORT FIT】 With the double elasticated Velcro straps you are in control of how much support compression you need, how snug you want the brace to be. The specially designed Neoprene material is ultra-light without compromising on support.
  • 100% SAFE AND COMFORTABLE】 The max temperature of the heating pad is 50°C making it safe for continuous use, but with three heat settings, you are in control. Even so, the controller will auto-shut off following one hour (approx) of uninterrupted use. The USB-powered heat pad can be plugged with the included adapter, or by using a power bank.
  • THE PERFECT WIDTH】 The MEDiBrace is not chunky and cumbersome. Our years of research found the sweet spot for the perfect width without it being overbearing. It’s made from one piece of Neoprene too, not separate pieces.
  • SUPERIOR BACK SUPPORT + HEAT】 Using the highest grade materials, no other product combines back support with advanced heat therapy. Disposable heat pads are no longer necessary with the MEDiBrace RAY-D8 delivering support all round and heat where you need it most.

This product is for the MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V1 which does not have a rechargeable battery. If you are looking for the latest model of this product, please visit that page here:
MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V2

Additional information

Weight850 g
Dimensions26.5 × 25 × 7.5 cm

Waist 25” to 32” (63-80cm) SMALL, Waist 28” to 32” (72-82cm) MEDIUM, Waist 32” to 39” (81-98cm) LARGE, Waist 37” to 43” (94-110cm) X-LARGE, Waist 40” to 47” (102-119cm) XX-Large, Waist 44” to 51” (112-129cm) 3X-Large


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