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Re-designed for 2018, our market-leading MEDiBrace helps to prevent you from adopting a POSTURE which further aggravates the nerve receptors that induce pain. No pressure on the sensitive areas means active pain relief for you. Our back support brace is third-generation and is widely considered superior to all other back support braces on the market today. Don’t take our word for it, this product is marked ‘best rated’ out of over 150 other back support brands on Amazon! Quite an accolade! But testament to the volume of research and work ProfessorZ has put into improving the MEDiBrace back support.

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To choose the right size for you: Our sizes are accurate, but you need to measure around your waist*. If in doubt, or bordering on a size, it’s better to select the larger of the two sizes. (*Please note: Your ‘waist’ is not your hips, the measuring tape should pass around just under your belly-button)



[well]If you experience low back pain or want to help prevent injury to your lower back, you’re going to love the MEDiBrace. Developed by doctors and scientists, the MEDiBrace is medically proven to provide beneficial pain relief for a range of lower back problems. We’ve re-designed it and made it stronger and more lightweight (more info below…)[/well]



Do you suffer from lower back pain?pink_back_open_3_amzupload

The MEDiBrace offers relief through supporting the lower lumbar region of the body helping to prevent the sufferer from adopting a posture which further aggravates the nerve receptors that induce pain. No pressure on the sensitive areas means active pain relief for you.

Perhaps you don’t suffer from low back pain yet, but are concerned about the prospect of it from your current lifestyle activities? The MEDiBrace is able to help prevent the lower back from becoming injured due to poor posture during exercise; Whether at the gym, or playing golf, taking fitness classes or many other sports activities where you are bending or twisting your back. It works whilst you are working out allowing you to enjoy your active lifestyle.

Made of ultra-light Neoprene material.3rd-set_009_smaller

Unlike other products on the market, the MEDiBrace is comfortable and lightweight. What you will feel is firm support in your lower back region. Nor is it particularly restrictive. The Neoprene material is ultra-light without compromising on support. The double elasticated Velcro straps provide adjustable comfort and support.

There are three steps to fitting and securing the MEDiBrace around your waist. After the first velcro band is secure, the double elasticated straps are stretched around and onto the band which is one of the secrets to the effectiveness of this device. The brace comes with a colour instruction leaflet on how to perform this simple procedure.


It’s also attractive and fashionable. Available in a range of colours and sizes (including XXXL size new for 2017), the sleek and lightweight design of the MEDiBrace makes it an eye-catching fashion item that will have other gym users asking where they could get one! And if you’d rather keep it a secret, the slim-fit hides it discreetly under clothing!

Medical grade device.

The MEDiBrace has been scientifically and medically proven to help provide beneficial pain relief for a range of lower back problems through its unique design. Developed in laboratories, the MEDiBrace has undergone rigorous testing and controls under strict conditions.


Additional information

Weight222 g
Dimensions35 × 21 × 7 cm

SMALL (21" to 28" or 53-51cm), MEDIUM (27" to 33" or 68-84cm), LARGE (32" to 38" or 81-96cm), X-LARGE (35" to 42" or 89-107cm), XX-LARGE (39" to 48" or 99-122cm), 3X-LARGE (44" to 55" or 112 – 140cm)


Spring GREEN, Persian BLUE, Taffy PINK, Sky Blue

4 reviews for MEDiBrace II Back Support

  1. Philip Edwards

    I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for some years. The pain comes and goes, but can come on through the simplest of movements.

    I have had a back support (from the NHS), but this eventually wore out.

    Earlier this year I started looking around for another back support which would be lighter than the NHS one, and a little larger (as I’d put a little weight on over the years). I read all the write ups and eventually chose to give the “Medibrace” a try. At nearly £30.00 (with P+P) it is one of the more expensive back supports, but it had many excellent reviews so I bought one (XL size for my 36″ waist). It arrived in less than a week. Well packaged, and with an instruction leaflet. It felt very light and looked to be well made.

    I tried it on immediately. It was very easy to put on, and it has a “double pull” action. You place the belt around your waist (low down) and pull – but not too much – and then press the wide “velcro” belt together. The support felt very comfortable at this stage. You then grip the two extra belts which are hanging down at the back, pull the very stretchy belts around towards the front of your body and when you feel the belt pulled tight around your body you press the “velcro” belts together.

    The belt again felt very comfortable and gave me the immediate feeling that my back was being supported firmly – but not too much. I tried pulling the stretchy belts tighter, then slacker, but the first position was the most comfortable. I carried out a days work fitting and plumbing in a new toilet in our house, and at the end of the day my back felt fine. I could feel the belt supporting me all the time I was wearing it.

    When I took it off, my skin was a bit “sweaty” – but no more so than when I wore the NHS belt. I now wear the belt whenever I’m going to do any work requiring a lot of bending, stretching and lifting. In the two weeks I’ve had the belt, I can only praise the design, quality and effectiveness of the support it gives. Every time I wear the Medibrace support, it not only gives me physical support, but also gives me confidence to tackle the simple tasks of everyday life, which without a back support, I would have approached with some trepidation.

    I am very pleased with this product and would recommend this support to anyone who suffers backache. Philip Edwards. (aged 64) North Wales UK. (I would like to add that my review is an honest appraisal, and I was not given any inducements or reductions in price from the company.

  2. Michael Dooley (verified owner)

    Has helped to support my back during a sciatica attack. Purchased from, saved some money buying from Amazon. Got here quicker than Amazon if you can believe that!

  3. Mr C Clarke Williams (verified owner)

    A real godsend for those with long term back pain. This is one of two back support straps available on Amazon which claims to be “Medical Grade”, I’m not quite sure what that means but from my point of view as a user I can say.

    This back support is cut from a single piece of neoprene and the two elastic tensioners are made from single peices of elasticated fabric. The Velcro fastenings appear to be of a good grade with full depth sturdy hook panels.

    Two of the other back braces I have used have had Velcro which has worn out over a few months this one dos not cut corners by using the cheaper grades of Velcro. There are 4 stiffening panels two on each side at the back to help keep your spine in alignment. The support also looks quite good and feels comfortable to wear, I think the, sizing is about right

    I have a 40 inch waist ans the XL size which spans 37 to 43 inches is a good fit. I also have a similar belt branded Clever which has only 4 size bands to the 6 offered by the Medibrace. They are of similar quality but the extra sizing bands give this one the edge.

    As a sufferer of long-term back pain, I am happy to say that although this belt does not eliminate the pain it reduces it and also make it possible for me to function for longer.

  4. Mark s Yamin

    I bought this item from Amazon on January 6, 2021 after reviewing many backbraces for my spinal stenosis. The rubber in this brace and the fabric has deteriorated. I was to late to return it, because it did it start to come apart till after. I tried to text it one of your representatives but they say they don’t know about the item and what to help me buy something or your website. I can send pictures to show the deterioration. All I want is it to be replaced.

    • Kris Koster

      Hello – We offer 30-day no-quibble return on all of our products. Beyond this period is subject to case-by-case basis. After a period of three months of regular, daily use, you would expect a product made of fabric that is stretched and pulled daily, to deteriorate over time which then needs to be replaced with a new one. At £22.95 including free delivery, it is an relatively inexpensive product to replace. That it provides pain relief for a period of three months before you see signs of wear and tear would be normal in our view. Also we cannot find your order under this name and see no record of you attempting to contact us. That said, please do contact our team by email or phone – [email protected] telling us what your order number was and we will see what we can do for you. Thank you for your feedback. Good or bad, is always gratefully received.

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