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MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V2 ~ Rechargeable Far-Infrared Heated Back Support


Following the success of the V1 RAY-D8, we’ve unveiled groundbreaking upgrades. The V2, is now not only a rechargeable far-infrared heated back support, but more easily controlled via a button on the brace. It’s available to buy here on our website, or if you prefer, from our store on Amazon UK here.

Innovative Redesign: Say goodbye to external wires and cables! The V2 boasts an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a conveniently placed button on the front right. No more hassles with pouches, Velcro, or external power sources—the far-infrared graphene pad with therapeutic heat is now seamlessly integrated.

Enhanced Features: Experience superior stitching with double cross stitching on Velcro pads and an upgraded far-infrared graphene pad from our new factory and product designers.

Loyalty Offer: For our loyal V1 customers, a special 30% discount awaits with proof of previous purchase (of the V1 model) until April 30th, 2024. Simply email with your previous order number to receive a unique voucher for your purchase of the V2 model.

Discover the power of active back support and far-infrared heat energy in one revolutionary back brace – the world’s only back brace product combining both benefits.



Introducing the MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V2

Lower Back Pain Relief Combo – Feel instant therapeutic comfort from the rechargeable RAY-D8 V2. Its dual-action, far-infrared heat pad paired with our popular lower back support belt for men and women provides support whilst gently warming, soothing and repairing soft muscle tissue

Cutting-Edge Far-Infrared Heat Technology – Unlock the dynamic healing potential of far-infrared radiation, free from harmful UV. Scientifically validated, FIR heat can penetrate muscle tissue much deeper than conventional heat pads, delivering genuine healing power

Tailored Back Belt Support – The RAY-D8 V2, like every MEDiBrace lumbar support belt, features 4 rigid plastic rods and elasticated straps which compresses them, alleviating pressure on your discs and muscles. Perfect for sciatica back support, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and post-op surgical recovery

Safe, Smart Heat Management – Easy access to all three temperature modes from its front-button control with over three hours radiation on a single charge.

Recharge the internal battery with its integrated USB charge port. Although it operates at perfectly safe temperatures, the RAY-D8 V2 powers off automatically after an uninterrupted 30 mins for complete peace of mind. Note that we are a climate-friendly company. Although we include a charge cable, we do not include a standard 5V 2.1A USB charge plug as many UK homes already have lots of these. However, if you are in need of one, we do provide them free of charge to customers if they ask us (includes if you purchased elsewhere from Amazon, eBay, etc.). Simply email us with your order number to: and we’ll send one out same day!

British Innovation & Assurance – Crafted by ProfessorZ in London, UK, the MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V2 back support brace surpasses its predecessor in every aspect. Featuring an enhanced internal heat pad, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a conveniently placed control button. – Enjoy superior control and mobility!

Extended 1-Year Warranty for Your MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V2

For extra peace of mind, you can take advantage of our ‘Extended 1-Year Warranty’ for your MEDiBrace RAY-D8 V2 (if registered within the first 30 days of purchase). This warranty ensures that your back support belt remains in good condition, safeguarding you against any defects in materials and workmanship. Should you encounter any issues, we promise a hassle-free repair or replacement service. To activate your extended warranty, please fill out the form below with your name and email address (order number and marketplace details not required). By registering, you not only extend your product’s protection but also gain access to our dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you at every step.

Embrace confidence in your purchase and continuous back support with the MEDiBrace RAY-D8


Additional information

Weight650 g

21" to 30" (54-76cm) Small, 28" to 34" (72-86cm) Medium, 32" to 37" (82-96cm) Large, 37" to 43" (94-110cm) X-Large, 40" to 47" (102-119cm) XX-Large, 44" to 51" (112-129cm) 3X-Large


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